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Posting CELLFOOD–Very important Cellular Nutritionby Betty Hart

I had been launched for the CELLFOOD relatives at an Well being meals demonstrate in Toronto Canada four decades in the past.Because then I are already getting 3 of their items- the initial Cellfood, DNA/RNA/Cellfood and the Multi Vitamin/Cellfood.The prior winter, prior to getting launched to CELLFOOD ,was my initial Wintertime in Canada, and I had been Ill for the entire Winter season even though it was looked upon as an extremely moderate one particular.Considering that then I are actually to the Cellfood spouse and children And that i have not been Unwell in the slightest degree. If I do get subjected to a germ or virus,And that i do get infected I wouldn't be knocked flat like Many others all over me.It would have me a bit unpleasant for the day or two, with probably a slight sore throat or runny nose for the number of hrs ..How I wish that everybody I knew could well be on this fantastic anti getting old item, Cellfood, for instinctively I understood that CELLFOOD was an incredible anti getting older product to reverse and prevent the signs of growing older.Soon after examining over it ,nonetheless, I became confident that CELLFOOD was a treasure ,nonetheless to become found by the majority of humanity.


Formulated while in the mid 50s by Everett L. Storey, CELLFOOD is usually a proprietary mixture of 129 components.It is an anti getting older complement that he claimed could be the answer to condition in the world. Everett Storey is credited for the development on the drinking water -splitting technological innovation among the other wonderful inventions. All through the second earth war ,he witnessed his innovations getting used to build the hydrogen bomb and remaining a humanitarian, he so planned to do some thing excellent for humanity so he created CELLFOOD.


The same drinking water splitting know-how that he invented ,which was being used inside the H-bombs fusion set off was incorporated into the CELLFOOD technologies. He thus created an oxygen therapy based on the deuterium ions to self-sustain a catalytic type response during which our inner entire body h2o is split into oxygen and hydrogen.

CELLFOOD , the results of forty two a aloe vera forever living long time of research, is made from the best plant substances, capable of Keeping its effective factors in comprehensive Alternative, offering them to each mobile during the human human body. This miraculous formulation supports and enhances nutritional biochemical actions and provides to our diet regime what modern dwelling and technology have stripped absent. It has seventy eight trace minerals,34 enzymes,17amino acids, electrolytes, and nascent (newly developed) oxygen and hydrogen as by goods–all The natural way taking place substances and vital to the bodys numerous bio-chemical function,inside a kind that is easily absorbed with the cellls of the human body.

Dr. Otto Warburg renowned bio-chemist and 1931 nobel prize laureate has shown that most cancers cells simply cannot grow inside a higher oxygen environment. Of all the elements that aid lifetime ,oxygen is the most plentiful. All features of our entire body are regulated by oxygen. Oxygen energises cells to allow them to regenerate. Our bodies use oxygen to metabolize foodstuff also to get rid of toxins and waste by oxidation. Our Mind requires oxygen Every second to method facts .Our organs will need oxygen to operate successfully. In short oxygen gives daily life and Power to each living cell. Harmful worry, psychological pressure, Bodily trauma and infections all attract upon and deplete the bodys oxygen offer, and an absence of oxygen ends in sickness, poor vitality, very poor endurance, tiredness in addition to a common weak disposition.

We are able to examine oxygen deficiency as The one biggest cause of sickness. In 1997 CELLFOOD was unanimously voted through the Inventors Club of The united states to obtain the 1997 Sophisticated Technological innovation Award introduced because of the Worldwide Corridor of Fame in Atlanta GA. CELLFOOD received this award since(one) its unique capacity to make each nascent oxygen and hydrogenised your body, resulting in simultaneous cleansing and constructing of human body cells and tissues and (2) its exceptional forever living clean 9 capability to take care of seventy eight minerals in liquid colloidal suspension. CELLFOOD is really a extremely concentrated Tremendous energised proprietary formulation containing 78 ionic colloidal trace factors and minerals(34 from fossilized crops taken from virgin earth and forty four in the clean southern seas surrounding New Zealand, unrefined and continue to made up of trace components!) coupled with 34 enzymes,17 amino acids, dissolved oxygen all suspended in a solution of Deuterium Sulfate.

The nutrients in CELLFOOD are both equally ionic and colloidal in form. Colloidal particles are moment(4-7 nanometres in diameter)plus they take on a negative (ionic) cost and continue being suspended in the liquid. Simply because most physique fluids are colloidal and negatively billed the body perceives CELLFOOD as typical healthy overall body fluid ,and forever living aloe makes it possible for the nutrients in CELLFOOD to move instantly in the delicate membranes from the mouth throat and oesophagus directly in to the blood stream.

Electrolytes assist the wholesome electrical integrity on the bodys all-natural colloidal devices such as the blood itself. They import a negative demand to the red blood cells separating them to restore their utmost operating..

CELLFOOD is effective in the Actual physical amount by providing the human body with essential minerals, it works within the electrical and electro magnetic stages by expanding the vibrational frequencies of every one of the bodys organs boosting the immune method, and enabling the anxious process to operate much more proficiently. It works at the biological amount by improving all-natural Organic procedures ,for example digestive and metabolic processes in the human body. And it really works within the chemical amount by giving amino acids to the human body for constructing protein. And CELLFOOD s ability to supply oxygen and nutrients to the brain supports emotional and psychological wellbeing!!